Your Questions

Where can I find Mani products?

Mani products are being introduced into the European market in Belgium, France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Switzerland and also in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. We recommend that you regularly check the ‘DISTRIBUTION’ page (here) or get in touch with us to suggest the address local shops in which you would wish to find our products.

Mani products are not sold on line.

Can my child consume Mani products?

Providing nuts to children less than 5 years old is not recommended, the main reason being the risk of them swallowing down the wrong tract, i.e. ingestion by the respiratory tracts instead of the digestive. Moreover, it is advisable to introduce nuts as late as possible, as they can sometimes be responsible for cross food allergies (in less than 10% of cases). Your doctor can conduct an allergological check-up in the case of allergic reaction.

What are the risks of food allergies linked to the consumption of Mani products?

All Mani products contain nuts (almond, cashew nut and pistachio). People suffering from allergy to these nuts must thus obviously avoid eating them.

What are the symptoms of the allergy to nuts?

Allergy to nuts can take various forms, mainly skin (urticaria and eczema) and respiratory (allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma,…).

Nuts can also be responsible for severe allergic reaction such as an anaphylactic shock. About 15% of the anaphylactic shocks attributed to food allergies are due to nuts (with a greater frequency for cashew nuts).

How long can Mani products be preserved?

The deadline of consumption is indicated on the packing. In order to guarantee their freshness and nutritional richness, the products are packed in a controlled atmosphere, without the addition of any gas. Once opened, we recommend that you keep your products cool and if possible in an airtight container if you do not wish to consume them on the day you opened the sachet.

The product contains the ideal quantity for the consumption of one person, over a day.

I do not see the word ‘Organic’ mentioned on Mani packing. Does that mean that they are not guaranteed to be organic?

All the ingredients used for the preparation of Mani products come from the best production areas worldwide. As the ‘organic’ certification criteria vary from country to country, it would be misleading to mention this on our packaging. On the other hand, Mani guarantees that the production respects the environment, i.e. in the context of sustainable, non-extensive agriculture and complete without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Twice a year we carry out thorough analyses in order to ensure the absence of GMO and traces of elements which are non natural pollutants and non respectful of nature.