Be smart!

Mani offers you a mix with the right nutritional quantities and is perfectly integrated into a balanced diet. Mani respects both nature and the consumer. Nothing is added and none of the natural food qualities are lost.

Be smart and know how to read the list of ingredients on the packaging of dry fruits and nuts. They often present pitfalls and risks if you are looking for a healthy, balanced diet.

Here are the two main issues you will find in the overwhelming majority of products offered on the market. 

First pitfall:

the VF (vegetable fats). When a producer mentions this, it is often to hide the fact that palm oil is integrated into production. The majority of nuts and in particular peanuts and cashew nuts – even those sold in the ‘organic’ trade – are roasted with oil in order to help their preservation and prevent fermentation. This removes certain qualities such as the presence of minerals, but above all it adds bad fats to the preparation. A word of advice! Avoid these products; they offer more disadvantages than benefits. Mani products are guaranteed to be without added fat, or transfats (hydrogenated).


Second pitfall:

sodium or salt. Naturally contained in fruits and nuts, but in very small quantities (Mani products contain only 0.006g of salt/100g, that is to say their dosage in a natural state), salt is often added to preparations by producers more interested in their profit than in your health. Two reasons they add salt:

  • Firstly, it adds taste and hides the poor quality of the food.
  • Secondly, it stimulates the appetite and encourages you to eat more of them!

So some producers love salt. For you and your health, it must be consumed with moderation. The scientific community estimates that overconsumption of salt can increase the risk of strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Clearly, it is advisable to avoid all added salts and enjoy only the salt naturally contained in food. By respecting this, you will preserve your health and not fill the pockets of producers that disrespect consumers. Mani undertakes not to add any salt in its preparations, respecting nature and more specifically your health.