Our Promise

Mani opens the door to smarter snacking. A balanced nutritional intake, more respectful of the benefits of nature and accessible to all, daily.

Vision of a man.

The history of Mani started in the Persian region, famous for its vineyards and orchards where families pass on their cropland from generation to generation. Among these were the Rahmani family with a heritage of 120 years. The youngest son, Abouzar, gave birth to the Mani brand.

During his studies in Europe, Abouzar met a sports and nutrition coach who encouraged him to reconsider his lifestyle and nutrition. He focused on the benefits of dry fruits and nuts, rediscovering all their nutritional benefits. So Abouzar decided to transform the family’s farm and bulk fruit trade into a healthy food supplement business. A brand was needed: Mani, from the surname Rahmani.


Mani meets with success.

Abouzar invested in environmental-friendly production and found ways to preserve all the nutritional richness of the ingredients – among the best that nature offers. The brand took off. By revealing the secret benefits of dry fruits, seeds and nuts, Mani was offering a healthy solution to men and women looking for balance in their daily food.





Embarking on a new path.
That of your food balance.

Drawing on the expertise of the last ten years, Mani is now focusing on a new range of 100% natural products with no artificial additives and none of the goodness removed. The ingredients are skilfully combined to offer all the richness and balance of nature.

The daily nutritionally-balanced intake opens the door to smarter snacking that is more respectful of nature’s benefits and accessible to all, daily.