100% Organic

The perfect balanced mix of organic dried fruits. Pure organic energy in your pocket.


Nature offers its benefits to you. Mani respects this. So nothing artificial is added. Nothing is removed.

100% balanced

A source of essential nutrients. The perfect complement to a balanced diet.

100% DAILY

Is good for you, day after day.

100% YOU

The small dose of happiness which has meaning for you.

Your daily balanced diet

Mani is committed to producing mixes of dry fruits, nuts and seeds of the finest quality, unprocessed and with all their nutritional value intact. These foods are combined in order to provide the ideal complement of a daily balanced diet. So now you can finally snack between meals without feeling guilty!

  • Dry but rich

    Nuts, seeds and dry fruit have many nutritional benefits. Know how to combine them.

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  • Nutri balanced

    Nutribalanced is short for ‘nutrition' and ‘balanced'.

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  • Be smart!

    There are dry fruits and dry fruits. Avoid the pitfalls of snacks presented as being healthy. Not all of them actually are!

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  • Nutri News

    Mani follows the advice of recognized health and nutrition professionals.  To appear soon.  

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